What do you think of the Samsung S7 Phone?

What do you think of the phone compared to the S6 and S5? Is it worth upgrading to? What are the differences?

Better than iPhone?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I had the S4 for years, then got hte S7. I love it, I've not had any issues with it so far. It's pretty easy to use, and I like the features. I prefer the regular one over the edge. The edge had limited case options, the one I have is pretty good and protects it well.

    • What's the difference between the edge and normal one? And can you only get a few cases for the edge?

    • The sales guy was telling me the edge has some cool features, i guess more screen view. I think the regular is 5.1 inch and the edge is 5.7 inch. But limited on case options, since it curves down. I think the processor, camera and all that is the same.

What Guys Said 1

  • You mean the galaxy?

    Yeah I really like it. I love the edge version.

    • Yup, what do you like about it?