(TWD) Who do you think Negan killed?

You have no idea how curious I am! I actually can't wait for season 7! Who do you think Negan killed and why? Thanks


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  • Honestly I'm thinking Abraham or Michonne (though I really hope it isn't her). I fully reject the notion that it's Glenn lol. I love him. The writers don't like being predictable by following the comics.

    • Glenn is more likeable in the show than he was in the comics.

    • @Jack32 Really? I heard he was the fan favorite in the comics. I haven't read them myself so I can't say lol

    • He didn't do nearly as much as he does in the show, at least over the last season. In the show, I see him as actually being able to be a leader, didn't get that from him in the comics. He was still likeable, just much more developed in the show.

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  • I found it odd that michonne was the only one you didn't see the bat in frame with her face. But I seriously doubt it's Daryl or Abe. Daryl would be bad storytelling in my opinion with this feud they've been building with Dwight, to just be killed by someone else. And why skip Abe's comic death just to kill him 2 episodes later? I don't know though, but I'm anticipating season 7

    • Your point about Michonne is my thought exactly. Because we got the POV shots of her throughout the episode from the back of the truck (we know it's her because of the frame of vision). Then, as you pointed out, we never see the bat in her face; instead, there's another POV shot with the bat towards the camera as it points to her. And, obviously, the kill scene was also in POV. So it makes sense for it to be her.

      That would really suck though. Rick's third girlfriend to be killed.

    • @snowangle It would almost become a cliche

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  • Abraham, that fake scientist, the lesbian girl, ab's chick or Morgan. Ummmm hell he could turn around and still kill Glenn but I doubt it.

    • Tara and Morgan aren't in the group that was captured by Negan 😜

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    • Omfg lol, whether they are in the group or not I strongly dislike them and want them to be offed.

    • In the group are:


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  • I'm hoping glenn but it's probably Abraham.

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