What do you guys think of this new video game published by Gamestop/Gametrust, Song of The Deep?

Yeah it's not too surprising to hear that Gamestop is now starting to publish games through one of ther own publishing companies, Gametrust. What makes this game a little interesting is that it's developed by Insomniac Games (the same people who developed games like all the Rachet and Clank games, Resistance games, the older PS1 Spyro the Dragon games and so on).

What do you guys think of this game judging by this video and for those who've actually tried it out?

  • This games looks fun.
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  • This game is far from perfect but it's definitely better than most of the recent games we've been getting for PS4 and Xbox One.
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  • This game looks boring.
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  • I wouldn't be interested enough to try that.


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  • Reminds me of all the games we were getting back when the gameboys were still new

  • Looks like Ristar.


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