Question to comic book nerds?

I'm writing a story about a college kid who loves comics but i dont really know anything about that whole scene. So i was hoping anyone whos into comics could just tell me what you like to do or where you hang out and stuff !!! just average things you do that involve this pastime.


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  • Lol that's a pretty vague question since there are all kinds of comic book fans. What exactly do you wanna know? Feel free to message me.

    • okay !! well i want him to hang out at this comic book shop, but i dont exactly know what he would DO there all day. he loves superhero comics especially old ones from the 40's--60's and he has a couple friends that also hang out at the shop

    • Maybe just read comics there, buy the ones that he likes, and talk to his friends about his favorite characters and stories, and who would win in a fight between two characters. And of course, we've got hobbies too like drawing, music, and other stuff... That's pretty much all there is to it.

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  • Regular things but just into comics


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