Why is everyone so interested in Selena Gomez now?

I don't understand the sudden hype over Selena Gomez. Please explain it to me.


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  • I like her.

    She's very much my type, and I suppose an appropriate honor to that other Selena who was unfortunately also very talented.

    I tried hitting on Selena Gomez a few times on her twitter account. I mean really hard, because I truly adore her, but she's not interested, and I get that, but it was fun to play around with her a bit.

    Some of her music has a very interesting and genuine quality, which I find far more appealing than most albums released in recent decades. She also usually has the right balance of Vocals and Music in her performances. Music should be about 1/3rd the volume of the Vocals, and should not drown out nor hide their voice. That's what people do when they can't sing, or are disguising a note they can't hit.

    In spite of being a "Pop" artist, she has the quality of 70's performers, like Karen Carpenter, or a female counterpart of Cat Stephens.

    The other Selena was the same way, and unfortunately for her and everyone, her life was cut short.

    I think it is fitting that this young woman have the talent and drive, and some of her music seems almost to honor her too.

    Life is not always fun, but you should enjoy the good things while they are around.

    I have her "Stars Dance" album on my Iphone, and it has some of the best music I've ever heard, and is one of the best album's I've ever listened to, though one of the songs is sort of ruined by a bad choice of presentation, and I don't like all of them, around 2/3rd's of them are very lovely love songs from a genuine woman's perspective.

    I think Britney Spears ruined herself. My stepfather knows her family, somehow, but anyway, she started off a lot like Selena Gomez in her career, and then just got completely weird and turned into *something* that was a total turn-off to me, although occasionally still putting out something really nice.

    Not every female vocalist needs to play some "love doll" to be interesting either though. Alanis Morissette is one I did not fully appreciate at first, but her "real, in your face" quality is always memorable.

    One thing I like about Selena Gomez is she really can sing, and she can carry her voice, and she can vary her voice, and her music is most of the time very soothing and appealing.

    • Also, the music on some of the songs actually has a certain quality which is extremely rare, as that of a master composer. I don't know who works with her writing the songs and music, but there is a certain genius in a few of them which is very subtle. I am not formally trained in music, but I recognize how the greatest composers work.

      How Rigged can "Rigged" Get?

      Selena Gomez: "Nobody Does it Like You".

      Master Composer Nobuo Uematsu: JENOVA:

      Starcraft 2 Opening Theme (Blizzard Entertainment):

      I don't listen to random crap on the Radio.


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    • WOW WOW WOW!!! 👏👏👏 you really do like Selena Gomez. Like a lot. I don't have any problems with her it's just that she isn't a really good singer, she's just alright. I don't think there's anything fantastic about her music.

      She seems like a really sweet down to earth person and that must be why her fans like her, however I don't think she's as talented as people think she is.

      Her songs don't really interest me, I like musicians like Lorde I love One Direction, Sia etc. but Selena Gomez's music is just meh. Nothing special.

      I think you should look into being her publicist 😄! You make her sound amazing! Like she's from a different planet!

      The songs were alright and the last song final fantasy vi reminds me of the game of thrones tune. Sounds medieval, nice though.

    • You're right about Britney Spears. She ruined herself, it's not like she could sing well before but she sounds so auto tuned and unatural now. I can't imagine her being like Selena Gomez in the beginning of her career, Selena's music is sane, and Britney's music is the complete opposite. I think Britney has a sweet personality too, when she's not performing she seems so lovely, I watched a thing about her in E!. However, Britney Spears CAN'T sing. She's auto tuned most of the time, her songs are alright but she CAN'T sing, at all.

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  • I don't think everyone is interested in her.
    She is pretty though but ehh not into her or any celebs.

    • So many people are though. It's amazing how much Instagram followers she has.

    • just ignore those :)

    • Lol 😄

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  • She is hot and incredibly intelligent if you've seen an interview. Would wife/10

    • I agree she's sweet, funny... all that. But there are other celebrities that are sweet as well, but she's all over my Instagram page, everyone is like she's so cool, she's amazing...

  • she has an album out, is a celebrity, has famous friends, dated justin bieber so she has been the subject of his songs recently. add on a strong PR machine and is attractive

    and it isn't any wonder

    • I guess you're right. But she's not the only person that has dated someone famous or has famous friends. It's just weird how all of a sudden she just reappeared and got 100 times more famous than she was before.

    • i heard recently that she has a strong presence on social media. we can't really understand why any particular is as famous as they are. she was a disney channel person so she has a following from that, then there are people who simply find her attractive, and then there are those (i feel like the minority) who like her music (although her music has gotten slightly better).

      i feel the same as you about certain celebs though. i don't understand how they are so famous

  • I never understand it as well. I never seen her acting and singing, i don't think she is attractive as well. I believe she gained a lot of child fans when she was younger, now its her child fans who are still keeping her somehow famous.

    • Exactly I don't think she has an amazing voice, I've heard a few of her songs they're not bad but she sounds whiny when she's singing. She's an alright actress too.

  • Because she's cute, and famous, and young. Most of it is that she's just adorable, so girls want to look like her, and guys want to have her.

  • I don't have any interest in her music but the chick is hot af

    • Really? I'm not into her music either. I don't think she's as hot as everyone says, she really cute but I don't think she's that hot.

    • I guess we just have different taste in women then.

    • I agree with you there. She's very beautiful, definitely, but she's not as beautiful as people make her out to be.

  • a+b=ei
    a=a celebrity
    b=a beautiful woman
    ei=everyone's interest

  • Because she's literally goals!

    • If I may ask, what makes her goals?

    • Her personality and how she looks! She looks so healthy and happy

    • I guess you're right about that. She always seems happy and she always looks healthy.

  • Which one was she?

    • She was Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place. It was a show on Disney Channel.

  • Everyone isn't so interested in Selena Gonez.

  • I don't know, I'm missing out

  • i couldn't care less about her. she's not that good looking, has too much of a baby face and I don't even know what she's famous for.

  • I'm not. She's barely even hot.


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