Can I get some thoughts on my vocal cover?

i've been taking singing lessons for a couple months now, and decided to do a song from one of my favorite anime. i know i'm amateruish and some parts sound pretty cringe in my opinion, I wanted to see what other people's opinions were. Thx!

Cover: vocaroo. com /i/ s0eZPK6E6H2j

Original (so you can see how much I ruined it ;P):

Constructive criticism is welcome!


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  • Not too bad. Your tone is kind of weak, but that should improve as you practice more. You definitely struggled a bit on the last couple high notes, but that's because you weren't adjusting your placement. You don't want to place your voice in your chest. You want it in your head. It's kind of hard to explain, but you should push up from your diaphragm into your head, where your receptors are. Singing nasally might help give you an idea of how it's done, but don't make that a habit, lol.

    Overall though, I've heard much worse. You were consistently on pitch throughout, which is nice. And Evangelion. <3 Rei is best girl.


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  • +1 y ago
    • This is actually why I follow requested you. I know the version I posted/covered isn't the "original", but neither is the Frank Sinatra one. The song was written by a screenwriter named Bart Howard and first performed by Kaye Ballard in the 1950s. In 3/4 time, for some reason.

      Sinatra is still OG tho.

    • NGE's composers actually made several versions of this song, one of which were a 4-beat version closer to Sinatra's rendition. I thought about using that instrumental, but stuck with the normal one.

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