Do you watch or like Post-Apocalyptic or Apocalyptic Movies or Films?

Do any of you like that kind of genre of where the shit hits the fan and that there's nothing but a undesirable, bleak and desolate future?

Any recommendations or particular favorites that you may remember fondly of?

The ones I remember most are

28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
The Book of Eli
The Road
A Boy and His Dog
Damnation Alley
the Mad Max movies (only watched the Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome as of now)
The Omega Man
The Matrix (didn't watch the sequels)
The Day After Tomorrow
The Terminator films,
And I saw parts of I Am Legend, so I have to re-watch it some time again.

and virtually almost all of the zombie apocalypse films fit the category and it feels like there is a gazillion of those by now, but I haven't watched too many of them other than the "28 _ Later" series, Dawn of The Dead and Land of The Dead.

I'm sure there are more, that I've missed and yet to see. So any recommendations are welcome!

If there's one thing that's most important about these films that I've noticed is that even in the worst and bleakest hopeless times, people won't simply give up on their lives and give up living, they keep going forward, they continue to fight for their survival no matter what as there's no going back to the way things once were before their world has totally turned upside down into a complete dystopian world that is a complete utter nightmare.

They face the reality that is in front of them, the fate they are given and they will do what they can with whatever is left and whatever and whomever that they have left and do whatever they must even when it all seems lost and hopeless.
Anybody else have any recommendations of these kind of films to recommend me?
Anyone else have any favorites?
Fans of Post-Apocalyptic movies on GAG, where are you?
Any fans of Post-Apocalyptic movies here?


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  • Love apocalyptic movies and games. Think my favorite was The Day After Tomorrow. I also recommend the movie "Doomsday" though, pretty much a zombie movie but focusing a lot on humans instead.

    • I think I still have the DVD for Doomsday somewhere. Gonna have to watch it when I have time off.

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  • I like I am Legend and World War Z

    • I saw parts of I Am Legend, have to re-watch it again. I did see the original film that it was based on though. "The Omega Man". World War Z is more recent, probably will check it out too. I'm more into other various kinds of apocalyptic or existential risks explored on the big screen besides the zombie ones since those are like the most or very common ones.

      Some are more dark and emotional such as The Road. There's also Steven King's The Stand but that was more of a mini-TV series than a film, don't know if you heard of that one.

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    • Nope, I haven't heard of most of the ones you listed. I'll have to check some out.

    • Thanks OP, by the way I'm pretty sure I at least saw one of the 28 _ movies. I think we got in in a pack on sale but I don't know which I saw 😝

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  • I like the "Planet of the apes" movie series.

    • I wanted to see Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes but missed it. by the way, have you seen any of the originals before the remake version with Mark Walhberg?

    • I've seen one of them but I don't know which one it was.

  • I also like cyberpunk/post apocalyptic movies. I don't have my list at my hand but you might like "Minority Report", "Edge of Tomorrow", "Resident Evil" and "Doom" (the movie to the game). has a nice list too. If you like anime "Ergo Proxy" and "Psycho Pass" are also worth a try.

    • The movie for Doom wasn't very "apocalyptic", it's more like "what if" apocalyptic those creatures did make it to earth.

      The original classic Doom, games, however, especially Doom 2: Hell On Earth is what an apocalyptic nightmare would be from a Demonic invasion from Hell. Maybe the Next Doom game that follows up after the current reboot Doom game will be set back on Earth to show what the aftermath will be. Originally the were going to do it that was after Doom 3 but because they went through a development hell process and decided to reboot Doom, again.

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    • You meant the first-person sequence, but he had been upgraded and enhanced to superhuman "god" status because of those alien chromosomes or dna or some shit. If it wasn't for that he would have been fucked in the last fight sequence against "Sarge".

  • My boyfriend likes them, but they kind of depress me.

    • Ever watched "The Road"? if not, that one was very dark and depressing, or see here: there was a book for it before it was adapted into a movie.

      It's a very dark film, more serious tone on what it's like to try and make it when the world has completely fallen apart and nothing really makes sense anymore. The thing with The Road is that it is NOT even clear what caused the apocalypse.

      Generally it's melancholic for those genre films, but it makes you question things, feel things, feel empathy and sympathy for the characters in those works of fiction, or even feel grateful and appreciate the things we have now. As bad as where we are now or no matter how shitty things are now for us, it could have been much much worse compared to those kind of situations or environment. You get what I mean?

  • I love post-apocalyptic movies. I think of how much better it would be to live in a PA world, and that takes me away from this shithole for a while. As long as they've got a decent story and good acting, I'm in. If those are shit, then forget it.

  • Check out snowpiercer, seems like you'd enjoy that one

  • Good list, I like that shit too!

  • Try Shaun of the Dead. It's hilarious

    • Zombie Apocalyptic comedy, I though it was actually more interesting that way. Most of the other ones were very dark, such as the 28 _ later series.

      As I think the zombie type of apocalyptic post-apocalyptic films had been like almost done to death and there's always going to even more coming out, I would think that Shaun Of The Dead stands out the most for being hilarious and a zombie film at the same time.

    • Shaun of the dead tag line is "a zombie apocalypse romantic comedy" or something lol. It still scares me, I can't watch it alone but I love it. I love the entire cornet to trilogy. (Cornet to trilogy is 1. Shaun of the dead 2. Hot Fuzz and 3. The Worlds End)

  • I love them.

    • Any particular recommendations? Or have you already seen most if not all of the ones I had previously mentioned?

    • I've seen most of those. I'd add Children of men, The last survivor, Hell comes to frog town, snowpiercer, Doomsday, Logan's run, escape from new york, The postman, Reign of fire, Soylent green, Waterworld, and Stakeland.

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