A forum for kpop fans?

Hi since I know there's a few kpop fans on here I thought I'd make a post about this.
Since I live in Switzerland there's not a lot of Kpop fans around here and I was looking for some communities online I looked around a bit and found some semi good ones but nothing great. Some people recommended Kpop amino but I don't have a smartphone :P. I don't really want one atm I'll get one at some point though. Also tumblr was recommended to me and it was alright I guess, but I didn't have the best experience there. Anyway there's a new site kvilleentertainment. net made by the people from the popular youtube channel.
if you go to https://forum.kvilleentertainment.net/ there's a forum aswell. Sadly tghere's not that many people there yet but I've had a good time with those that were there. If you want you can still take a lot of names of idols for your account because there's not that many on yet. I have a account called Sunny cause I <3 <3 her :P. I also have a second one. Anyway it would be fun if more people signed up.


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  • Check allkpop. com , they have a forum, too, all the discussions are dedicated to Korean Pop. Or you can always create a particular WordPress fanpage or even website, and then just add a discussion board to it. I am currently going to do the same with the upcoming themes from
    , but my website will be dedicated to Moto Sports.


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  • I think the kpop forum generally is through youtube. I am surprised at the international popularity of kpop but hey if you're into really pretty people, then you're going to love kpop

    • Well on youtube you can comment but more direct chats are more fun :p

  • K-POP for the win, that's all I can say


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