What do you love about poetry?

Is there something that makes you want to read or write poetry so badly?


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  • You never completely understand it. I like reading from different points of view. Different theories never know which one if any are right.. the not always knowing is enticing.


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  • I love poetry it's basically rap without a beat and it gives you the opportunity to be as creative as possible yet, play with peoples minds.

    Here's one I wrote not too long ago, If you would like to read it. I call it:

    "The Power Of One"

    I understand people fall into the clutches of evil, thinking its happiness.
    But once they bit the apple they never been and felt happy since.
    I recommend fall into the love of God for he is infinity.
    Peace, Love, Positivity is truly the holy trinity.
    I comprehend why the 3 multiplied the bread 4 all, epiphany.
    Cause 12 days after Christmas; celebrates the visit of the three wise man to the prince of peace, Jesus.

    Why would I hate on my brothers and sisters if we are all heaven sent?
    Hate is like Donald Trump running for president, irrelevant.
    Why have a man in power that can't create peace?
    Donald Trump; rich yet, can't pay attention to the streets.
    Where badged crusaders roam and claim they keep the peace.
    They kept him in that choke hold now poor eric's deceased.
    A ban move in use by the NYPD
    He was only 43; his life like juice freshly squeezed.
    Left behind his 3 month old daughter that he can't even feed.
    Held this verse for 19 seconds man, I can't even breathe.

    Thy kingdom come they say, they will be done they say,
    They pull out there driveways; aim all there gats and spray, and you know what happens sunday?
    They go to church to prey... On another victim. Will he survive from the pain inflicted?
    No, sadly he succumb to one of the bullets shot from the barrel of his gun.
    Honestly man, are you fond of what you have done?
    Reminisce about your mother, is she proud of who you become?
    Like come on man, another brother lost.
    Just remove the robe of violence like the one up on the cross.
    Everyone has vivid negativities that we need to drain out and floss.
    Give it up to Jesus, its like Klay to Curry, easy toss.

    Understand what I'm about to say is gonna to be the realist shit.
    Look really close, did you see it? My esophagus and colon switched.
    I've realized the change starts with me.
    Guess that's why I was blessed with the initials JC.
    I don't mean Jesus Christ; he was never consumed by evil.
    But I mean Julian Costa a Saviour of my people.
    it starts with me, to spread peace and create unity.
    So instead of killing brothers like the purge does. Lets all come together and merge us.

  • I hate poetry. It's why I write it. To see if I can make something I don't hate. Still working on it...

  • I love the mysterious and romantic kind because it tries to put into words feelings that perhaps can't be put into words (at least by prose writing).


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