Why so much hate on KPOP and who else likes it?

I recently got into KPOP and it seems like Americans really like to neglect things that aren't about them. "Oh its not about me, not important" NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT US, AMERICA! Anime? Its not American, so its taboo apparently. KPOP? Same thing.
Well to this I say go to hell.
KPOP is really good and for people to immediately judge it without knowing it or even trying it disgusts me. Its ok not to like it if you honestly gave it a chance without a prejudice thought but to hate on what other people like because it doesn't appeal to you is pretty damn rude. I've never told a soul I listen to KPOP and that I really love this one band and that they cheer me up when I watch their interviews because they're so comedic and charming. I tried telling my brother and he bashed me immediately and started calling me a fucked up koreaboo. What the fuck? Just because I listen to music thats not in English?
I love BTS and many KPOP songs are definitely original, for many the lyrics aren't irrelevant and even if so, same thing with America's music. Work by Rihanna? Run the world by beyonce? My hump by Fergie? It depends on the song you listen to and many Korean artists can sure as hell sing.
So the world has to stop fucking hating on things they dont even have a full view on! If you don't like it, its your opinion!! But don't bash others who do like it.
I even read articles by Korean fans saying they hate international fans because this and that. Why can't we share our music?
I'm ashamed to like kpop sometimes because if i do attempt to say i like it i get bashed for it and i get ridiculed and i feel like a loser, so I hide it and pretend to like what other people like.
I wish I didn't like kPOP so I didn't have to deal with it, but I can't help it.


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  • Some Kpop fans are extremely weird. I don't want to generalize, but I can't help it when it comes to kpop. It's like weaboos who are obsessed with Japan and anime, and they dye their hair light blue, and go all sorts of strange things for attention.

    • People obsessed with Beyonce or 1d don't get nearly as much hate though. Why is it suddenly so weird because its not American? Kpop fans can be jus as obsessive with a group as another could be with someone like Ariana Grande. And in reality Kpop fans really aren't weird. I'm perfectly normal. As a matter of fact i'm popular and I can't speak of my love for kpop or boom there goes my rep.

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    • I'm not generalizing either. But some Americans think anything thats not part of our culture is weird. Americans can be very naive and go to a country without trying to learn about their culture, trying to modernize and expand and make other countries like America. If you dont see it like that its fine but of course as an American I don't mean every American, duh.

    • Wow. You must be either Korean American or Korean.

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  • I don't hate it I really don't. I'm just not a fan. My biggest reason is because for the most part I can't understand it and also not that fond of Pop.

    • well of course thats fine, but you don't call kpop fans weird and shit all over them do you? Because thats what i'm talking about. We have our own taste, I for one , hate country music but i dont hate on people who do like it, i keep it to myself because its what they like and its none of my business to judge that liking things myself

    • No of course not and I can't explain as to why people do that. I was just giving my reason. But there's always a sour apple in a bunch when it comes to any genre of music someone's going tp put it down in the worst way possible 😕

    • Yeah very true I just feel like there's a lot of sour apples with this one lol. I'm hoping I grow out of it actually so I won't have to deal with the hype. Oh well, sometimes I assure myself I like something not a lot of other people like which makes me feel better but I mean the thing with kpop is that if people find out you like it it could ruin your reputation and get you bullied. Yikes.

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  • I'm Korean American and I hate K-Pop since it's such feminine garbage and stereotypes us as man kittens.

    I prefer heavy metal and industrial music.

    • whats wrong about feminine music though?

    • And some of it is really not, and even so i don't think music is really classified as feminine or masculine, music is music. I think it wore on with stereotypes, oh if its rock its masculine, if its classical or light music its feminine - people will say. Music is neither and I feel its kind of unhealthy to see it as that.

    • I am a hardass who likes his music aggressive. But I am one of few Asian faces in the metal crowd, so go figure.

  • I highly agree with you on thissss!!! U go girl, you're slaying with the reasoning <3

  • Sadly, I've noticed that as well. If it has nothing to do with America, then it apparently doesn't matter. I say, ignore them. No matter how much you explain it to them, they simply won't accept it and that's ok. Don't stop loving Kpop even if you're alone in doing so... now onto the Korean fan versus International fan thing... It's idiotic in my opinion. They get at us for trying to learn the lyrics or learning small phrases to talk to Kpop Idols with, but last time I checked, Koreans pick up English phrases too and mispronounce them and it's called 'Engrish'. I think they get mad that Internationals are taking notice in their music, but they ignore that their Idols follow American artists and performers... it's one big mess, really. The Korean companies are trying to make their artists global, but the native fans are too territorial over the groups.

  • The problem is not that KPOP isn't American. The problem is that it's fucking trash.

  • I love kpop


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