If you were offered work as a professional Pokemon GO! trainer, would you take the job? And if so, what would be the minimum wage you'd accept?


If you were in either of these two peoples' positions, and you were offered a job as a Pokemon GO! training coach, would you accept the offer? And how much would you hold out for?
  • Yes, for pocket change
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  • Yes, for $20/hour
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  • Yes, for $50/hour
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  • Yes, for $100,000 a year plus expenses and insurance
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  • Maybe
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  • I'm not good enough
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  • Never
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  • I would totally go for it if it paid 20$ an hour or more. I have to make a living somehow


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  • I wouldn't accept money because as a trainer I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. I'm not in it to get paid. Rather than earning money to catch them is my real test and to train them is my cause. To prove my ambition I will travel across the land searching far and wide.

    • You'd still have to pay your way to travel across the land and search far and wide though. So wouldn't a few hands-outs along the way (like Ash gets all the time) be welcome?

  • Yes professor Oak, I'll fill up that damn Pok√©dex faster than you fill up your woman.

  • Well I've never played, but the way the economy is yeah, I'd kill for a tenner


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