How can I perform my music live without a band behind me?

Hi everyone! I used to have a band and we put out an album a while back but tension grew within the band and became a huge distraction and ultimately ended the band. Now I am starting my solo career and rather than find more people to learn my songs and waste more time and to avoid the potential issue of tension again, I'm just going to perform the songs myself as the singer and guitar player. I am using my Marshall half stack all tube amp, my guitar and my lap top. I don't have any effects pedals if that helps. Does anyone know of any equipment I can get to simulate a full band and a way I can simulate all instruments in my songs so I can perform them through my amp or something? I'm sure my amp has a line out feature and all that so if anyone knows a way I can achieve my goal I would greatly appreciate your help and suggestions.


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  • I have been a musician for around 40 years. Have played at least 17 groups and have shared the same stage with some big names as their warm-up band.

    I know all too well about the problems being in a band and some of the different personalities that have to be tolerated.

    I still love to play. My favorite instrument is bass. I also play guitar and piano. I found I can satisfy playing in front of a live audience by attending places that have open mic nights. I bring along an acoustic guitar and sometimes a bass. It has the appeal of just me, my guitar and a mic. I can play whatever I want however I want. And when my time is up I can watch other musicians or leave. It does not have the big sound of a full band. There is always a trade-off.

  • Back up audio track. Play it in speakers