Do I look like anyone famous?

My brother said I look like someone but I want to know if anyone else sees it.
I don't really agree with him.. but yeah just curious

Do I look like anyone famous?


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  • fame is not all it's cracked up to be. i only know a small handful of actors. most perform useless jobs telling people what to think when they don't know how to think. they get paid too much, by product advertisers, of stuff you're going to buy anyways, making your products more expensive, stopping your entertainment to tell you that you love downy. i've told mcdonalds to stop spamming me before i boycott them for interrupting my shows, and pestering me online. you're ultimately paying extra so they can stop the show, and tell you to buy, resulting in having to work more to get the same. you're working extra hours so the tv can tell you to buy what you're going to buy anyways. half the time i cut out the middleman and just watch QVC, 100% advertisements when im curious about new stuff coming out.


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