How do feel about current pop lyrics?

#whitesteve seems like big pop music fanatic now, he will like it too :)
I want to get recording gear for my lyrics some how. my pro tools dont fit my computer

I wrote catchy pop hook /some much tension thee in air
moving in fire , something like
flame to desire , moving like
its required, on baby babe thing
you do lay things or stay spines./

"everybody on dance floor
ripping pant core
so hard core like whats art for...
when tagging and dragging along
the floor hitting something like you
know its for.
please make scene
what they tell me /
that what matter/Rhyme the track
the instrumental that lent
to all.
Im always in mood for dance
floor spinning recording a chance
am always on your minds?
what can we find within us
staring across from you
thinking what in us.'
galaxy planet and beautiful/
hamlet a soul a town
that we get down /
you mind pretty profound
noisy yet room so silent
with faint paint smell /
and violates.
as the room get smaller /
and we get teller/
A fire ignites with in/
are head spin and spin.
Im wrestling in belief
in-tell i get enough in belief
that we was one
and world was done living
alone forever.


Most Helpful Guy

  • what do you think about the lyrics of angels of death from slayer?

    Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
    The why that I want you to die
    Slow death, immense decay
    Showers that cleanse you of your life

    Forced in
    Like cattle
    You run
    Stripped of
    Your life's worth
    Human mice, for the Angel of Death
    Four hundred thousand more to die
    Angel of Death
    Monarch to the kingdom of the dead

    Sadistic, surgeon of demise
    Sadist of the noblest blood

    Destroying, without mercy
    To benefit the Aryan race


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  • All I used to listen to was Top 40, now I've had to expand because most of the lyrics make absolutey no sense


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  • I don't listen to pop at all so their diarrhea... I mean lyrics don't concern me.

  • I'm really not into anything commercial, music included.

  • This is good enough to be mainstream.

    • yea EM would agree, because thats whats its for, mainstream. just like the song work, work, work :)

  • Trash

    • just current pop in general

    • well then respect it lol but just a business , we have label and assigned to do pop music :) i wil have fun.

  • As long as you twerk. I'm good!


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