Do you think the Marvel Comics Anti-Hero, The Punisher/Frank Castle stands a chance in a fight against the following Super heroes and villains?

In case you don't know who the Punisher/Frank Castle is and what his comic feats were, He's a highly military-trained man with multiple Martial Arts backgrounds and has incredibly high pain tolerance for a just a normal human being with no actual super powers (Even Iron Man and Nick Fury have praised Frank Castle's capabilities). He's surprisingly given superheroes like Black Widow, Daredevil, Wolverine and Spiderman quite a tough fight in the comic books. Anyways, here are his match-ups against the following superheroes, villains and anti-heroes:

Wonder Woman
War Machine
The Flash

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Do you think the Marvel Comics Anti-Hero, The Punisher/Frank Castle stands a chance in a fight against the following Super heroes and villains?

  • Yes to all of them.
  • Yes to most of them.
  • Yes to some.
  • No as in none of them.
  • Others
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Maybe in his Franken-Castle form he might have a chance to beat all of them?

    If you remember Frank was killed by Daken and then resurrected as Franken-Castle. Against certain superheroes with superhuman abilities he'd have trouble unless he has the right type of "kryptonite" equipment or weapons that can really give him the unfair advantage to beat them with. The regular non-superhumans he would really need the element of surprise and ambush and all those other deadly tactics, because I'd agree with what someone said about no prep time, you don't want the enemy to see you coming when you are going to hit them hard and fast and finish them off before they get a chance to realize and have the opportunity to recover.

    By the way, have you ever read "The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe"? Well he managed to beat pretty much every superhero in that comic but he had the right resources, equipment and help for every fight, so that is what made it possible. Punisher killed Spiderman, Venom, The Hulk, Dr. Doom, The Kingpin, and Daredevil in that comic, but it was only an alternate version of The Punisher instead of his standard Marvel universe version.

    I also would have to agree that Deadpool would be really tough for Frank to have a chance to beat, as I really don't know if there really is any weapons, or equipment that can fatally exploit any weaknesses or flaws that Deadpool may have, if any that he has at all because he's like near indestructible due to his accelerated healing factor.

    Again, like always, he'd need the right type of "kyptonite" to successfully counter and beat any of the more powerful superhumans otherwise it's just that, he can't and he'd probably get killed, because he's just a mortal human being despite having lots of combat experience, military background and training, high tolerance to pain, or even high tech-weaponry and equipment, etc.,. And it's also because Frank is generally on his own, he does not have any real allies or sidekicks, although he had Microchip but he's just for support and not someone that can really help him directly in a battle.

    • AWESOME! Thanks for the MHO man! I'm a big fan of the Punisher also. Fan of him and majority of the over-the-top anti-hero type of characters.

What Girls Said 2

  • He could win against at least three or four of them: Joker (certainly), Catwoman (probably), Deathstroke and Mistique (maybe).

  • Some.


What Guys Said 5

  • He definitely stands a chance against Joker.
    Why? Because Joker has no powers, and he is not a very skillful fighter like the Catwoman (for example).
    Though, The Punisher is quite skilled in military tactics, and knows how to use various types of weapons, that's why I think he also has a chance against both Catwoman and Mystique.

  • Wonder womans beats with literally one punch
    Batman wins but its close
    Death stroke wins but its a good fight
    Frank kills the joker
    Deadpool wins
    Thor wins negative dificulty
    War machine wins
    flash beats him faster than anyone else on this list
    Frank beats mystique
    And frank beats catwoman

  • He stands a good chance against the just the last two and maybe batman as long as Batman has absolutely no prep time. Oh, and he could probably take the Joker. The other guys though, not a chance.

  • I think Deadpool would be the toughest competition for him.

  • No to Wonder Woman, Deadpool, and Thor. Maybe to war machine, yes to everyone else