Why people assume that if you are an 80s fan you love Michael Jackson or Madonna?

Imagine how I feel when I say I’m an 80s fan and people assume I love Michael Jackson or Madonna. I feel like jumping off a balcony.

Artists like those, really give 80s a band name. Not a big fan of their music.


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  • "Artists like those, really give 80s a bad name."
    One of them has the biggest selling album of all time and it was made during that era.

    • Thriller you mean? I can mention at least 100 better albums released in 1982 better than this.

      So Fired Up by LeRoux, Ignition by John Waite, Shuttered Rooms by The Fixx, Pleasure Victim by Berlin, In For The Count by Balance... to name a few.

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  • How is it that you continue to find the most mundane reasons to whine? So what if they assume it? Does your arm fall off?

    • But... Michael Jackson? Madonna? Disgusting!

    • Even the most generic Pop-Rock band is much better than the extremely overrated MJ. Don't you think so?

    • For you. I may not like Madonna but I like MJ a lot. I don't care if people ask me if I like Madonna, I just answer "nope" and carry on with my day.

  • Because there 80's


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