What do you call all these characters?

So I have a story with a protagonist who is a "villain". He joins up with what I'm calling the deuteragonist on a quest for vengeance against a group of characters I'm not sure what to call. Calling them "antagonists" really doesn't seem to fit considering they're so obviously "good guys", not "bad guys", but I can't call the protagonist an "antagonist" either, since he IS the main character.

Towards the very end, everything flips around and the deuteragonist turns on protagonist, forcing him to join up with the "good guys" to stop the now-antagonist, but this is so late in the story that I don't feel right calling them "supporting characters" or the deuteragonist the "antagonist", so what should I call all these characters?


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  • The antagonist is usually used to refer to the villain, but it doesn't always have to. It's just the person opposing the protagonist.

    As for what happens towards the end, I'm not sure what you'd call them. I guess the antagonist changes towards the end, or you could have a primary and secondary antagonist.

    • What do you mean by "primary and secondary antagonist"? (Who would those be?)

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    • Well you could do that. Or if you're describing the entire plot to someone, you could say that he's the deuteragonist in the start and the antagonist towards the end. It's really up to you.

    • Okay, thanks.

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  • Your protagonist is your main character while the antagonist is the one opposing them. These particular terms shouldn't be in your story though.
    That's all those words actually mean, your two main characters, not Neccessarily the good guy and the bad guy.


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