What makes an awful female character?

What about some female characters do you hate/ ruins the character?


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  • Are we talking in real life or fictional?

    • Fictional, but real life is ok too.

    • Okay.

      I *HATE* Piper in Fallout 4. Absolutely despise her. She's a particular obnoxious example of the 'Intrepid Girl Reporter' trope. The very moment you meet her, she's been kicked out of Diamond City due to being obnoxious, is trying to obnoxious her way back in, and ropes you into a scheme without your permission to scam her way back in. She's cocky, annoying, manipulative, two-faced, and has no redeeming qualities at all. Before they even opened the gate to the city I was trying to kill her only to discover she is set as Essential and so can't be killed (until I went and got a 'killable essentials' mod)

      I also hate Bastila Shan from Knights Of The Old Republic. She has a fake, forced 'posh' English accent, which is an instant turn-off for me. She's also a snooty know-it-all (fitting with the accent nicely) and I was as rude to her as possible at every opportunity until finally I got a dialogue option to tell her to shut up and never bother me again.

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  • A feminist character who talks trash about men and or hates men (misandry). Also rudeness makes the character awful. Jessica Sherawat from Resident Evil revelations is one of them, she "pervs" on one of the male characters though. She doesn't show her true colors till the later part of the game.

  • Basically everything about Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow. She offers no personality or empowerment to women, she's just there to be attractive to males. Harley Quinn on the other hand, is a badass.


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