What’s so good about Radiohead anyway?

Their songs are boring, their frontman is ugly and his face looks like a monkey’s ass, yet their albums are extremely highly praised more than they should.

And I’ve listened to Pablo Honey, The Bends and OK Computer full albums! So I have some…experience, with this horrendous band. They can’t sing, they just murmur in their songs, and their lyrics are so pessimistic and depressed. NO guitar solos at all, NO memorable basslines…nothing at all. So what the fuck people like about them so much? They are just one of those “Alternative” bands, which have a shitty guitarist who is unable to play a guitar solo, and passes it as a “style”.

It drives me mad, when I go to rateyourmusic and I see “OK Computer” on the Top albums list. It’s just another one of the shitty “Alternative” albums released in 1997.

And no I don’t listen to modern crap if you thought so. I’m listening to the music that bands like Radiohead, Nirvana, Oasis and all those crap, destroyed when they came in to the spotlight.


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