Console gamers do you prefer to buy physical or digital copies of your games?

I used to only purchase physical copies of my games but I have recently switched to digital only and I prefer digital. I can buy and download the game straight away, it's always there for me to play, I don't have discs and cases cluttering up the space and I don't have to worry about the discs getting stretched. The only downside is that downloading games can take quite a while longer than installing them from a disc and digital copies tend to be more expensive.

What do you prefer & why?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I am hella old- school, still prefer the physical copies upto this day just cos I love appreciate my collection

    • I used to be like this but then I ended up with 40+ PS3 games and they just took up a lot of room and someone who doesn't like clutter, it bothered me a lot.

What Guys Said 1

  • Digital, cause physical needs hours of updating anyway.

    • I have noticed this with my Xbox One. I went to install Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox One and it required a 7gb patch whereas on the 360 it requires 7mb and you're playing the game within a minute or two.

    • I hate modern consoles for that. Console for me was always: put there game in and play. Nowadays you might as well go for PC, cause the advantages of consoles are gone.

    • Yeah I agree and with the Neo and Scorpio due for release, the console market may as well integrate with the PC market under the banner of Steam machines.