Can you get reads on wattpad even when its just a draft?

I'm writing a story on wattpad but when I look at it on my laptop it sometimes says I've got reads but thats not possible since its only my drafts and I've never published any of them. Is it just a glitch or is it like admins reading it or what because im curious


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  • It's probably just how view counts work on website. It probably came from your own IP address... It's the same on YouTube, before I set the video on public there are already few views even though it's not yet out in the world. It's views came from me

    • oh ok so everytime i go back and edit it then it would give a view and its not actual people seeing my drafts

    • I'm just speculating here since I don't go to wattpad but are the views few like 1-7 views or many like 17 views?

      If they're few it's most likely from you and people not seeing your draft. If they're a lot it's most likely not from you. Try out a test, go and edit your draft and if your views go up, it's just from you.

    • yeah its usually 1-5 so its probably just me

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  • I'm on wattpad but I dunno how it works. Haven't posted anything yet.


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