How would you feel if this Marvel vs DC crossover fan-made video was displayed as an official trailer for a Marvel vs DC movie or video game?

  • I would have gone so fucking ape shit over this. My life would be so complete!!!
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  • I would be excited but at the same time, still be able to calm myself down from the exciting and surprising news.
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  • I wouldn't care.
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  • I would hate this type of trailer since it's seems biased in favor of Marvel.
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  • Others
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  • The same as I already feel to be entirely honest with you


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  • Video game? Maybe
    Movie? Hell no.

    I'm more of a Marvel fan myself but that video was clearly biased. Quicksilver beating Flash makes absolutely no sense. Neither does Captain America keeping up with Wonder Woman or Iron Man with Green Lantern. He also shouldn't get his hands on Kryptonite since it doesn't even exist in the Marvel Universe. And the JLA should win even without Superman.


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