Do you try to learn new artists and songs by their name and only, just in order to be “updated” or not?

This is for people who listen to older stuff mostly or only. Do you try to learn names from new artists and songs, just in order to not be considered “outdated” by others, or you don’t mind if they consider you like that?

Personally I don’t mind anymore. I used to mind when I was 16-20, but now not anymore. I don’t mind being “updated”. I’ve reached to a point, where big “glam metal” hair and mullets are viewed as normal hairdos to my eyes, instead of “ridiculous” like most youngsters believe
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  • I know way more about 80s music than I do modern. I'll be listening to an obscure 80s AOR track that I know all the words to by heart, then I'll hear a pop song from 2016 that I don't know any of the words to.

    Additionally, I'm used to girls with beautiful curly 80s style hair, so it's always disappointing when I come back to reality and boring modern hairstyles

    To answer your original question, no, I don't bother trying get into modern artists just to seem "hip". Because I'd rather be known as a guy that listens to this

    Than a guy that listens to this

    • Yeah Honeymoon Suite! The Canadian Bon Jovi!

    • I knew one of the AOR / glam rock anons here liked honeymoon suite 😊

      Rock on my friend!

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