What do you think of my drumming?

I couldn't afford proper drums so I had to use the empty buckets of my dad's (who's a builder) cement mix in the garage


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  • When I was a little girl jumping double-dutch ropes in the street, I used to do "beats" with my feet, to make cadences along with the rope. (Mb if we'd all stuck with that for some more years, we could've had a variety-show act... lol)

    ... but yeahhh.
    I'm an inveterate leg-bouncer and fidgeter, so, I'm ALWAYS banging out rhythms -- even when I'm trying to sit still.
    I also notice rhythms in my surrounding environment -- like when random traffic lights are in sync with each other.

    I remember one time when I was 18 and going through a pretty bad depressive period, and I was in a car pulled over by the side of the road, and it was raining, and I noticed that the wipers were in perfect 3:2 synchronicity with these two pairs of traffic lights that were blinking together (it was like 3AM -- back then, the lights switched to blinking red in one direction and blinking yellow in the perpendicular direction from 2-6AM)... and I spent about an hour, just watching them, lost in the rhythm.

    Similar rhythms are also the only way I can get through long boring bouts of cardio during pre-contest. There's a point after which even music won't sustain me, and I have to kill the headphones and just hear nothing except the rhythm of myself and the machine (and whatever ambient noises are around).

    In general, if someone around me starts tapping out a random rhythm, I'll totally start tapping something in sync with it.
    My oldest son would be very likely to just randomly start rapping or singing, too, even -- especially, in fact -- in the middle of a crowd. lol


    I also like challenging myself, with unconventional rhythms.

    Like, if I have a flat surface and 5 minutes to wait somewhere, [let's say fingers are labeled 1-5 from pinky to thumb] I'll try to go 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 with one hand in the same time as 1-2-3-4-3-2-1 with the other hand. It's challenging enough to kill a couple minutes, especially if I switch hands every now and then.

    Don't hate, I get bored easily... lol #nurdgurl #itshopeless

    I never had any horrible awful experiences with childbirth -- truth be told, it was actually less bad than my teenage menstrual cramps, all 3 times -- but, I actually used the same sorts of finger-rhythm games to get through the last hour of labor contractions. hahah srsly

    (mb that's WHY they weren't as bad... never really thought about that before, but it's very possible. The rhythms definitely put me into a certain kind of meditative state that transcended pain.)

    • hahaha cute! I always use to drum with my pencils in class try to create some nice beats and rhythms in primary school (aged 4 to 10). Teachers would get annoyed af... so I went into playing the trumpet at 8 years old... wish I hadn't quit.

      "'m an inveterate leg-bouncer and fidgeter," I can totally relate! I'd hear some amazing beat on the radio, adverts tv and from cars, even car exhaust noises, like my ears would explose with excitement!

      Awh cute! xD I remember 3 of us were in an exam hall after the exam everyone was still quiet, we (luckily) sitting next to each other and started to explode into a me slapping down the pencil and ruler, Elliott used the palms of his hands and Dan beat boxed baha, maybe sounded amateur af but it was hilarious.

      I'm the same, especially with running and rowing I need to create a rhythm to keep at it with energy and motivation, especially when Running like every step I'd my a synchronised beat to run to. Sprinting too I'd use my breathing with

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    • Tx for the MH luv <3

      I ran my favorite stairs early this morning (picture on my profile right now -- it was still dark outside, but I did my best to take a pic lol). They're about 30 stories' worth of totally irregular stairs carved into a hillside, leading up to an overlook. I've gotten to the point where I know them really well, and so now I try to sprint up them in time to a beat. <3

      10 reps = about 300 flights' worth of stairs, sidestep/carioca on the way back down, that's my HIIT workout.

    • Np you always deserve it with the amount of effort you put into my questions.

      haha I love running in the dark, it's more fun and exciting, I feel I have more energy in the evening! i need to do some stair running too! work on different parts of my leg muscles, i'm mostly sprinting on grass and road :p

      This is my fav toad on my running route:


      For me it's sprint for 20 seconds,, rest for 10, sprint for 20 etc etc. I'm always improving and seeing results in stamina and reduction in body fat.

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  • I'm not trying to be a uhh drum elitist or anything like that, but I actually don't think what he did was too insane. He did it in 4/4 (mixed meter is much much harder), did stick tricks but did the easier ones (the throw spin and the hand spin), repeated the same pattern pretty often (same accents and stuff), and he didn't have to worry much about a kick as well (just lifting the bucket)

    However, he was quite smart in that he made it appear difficult by doing 16th notes and a few stick tricks. Crowds eat that up because they assume when one does stick tricks they are god level lol. 16th notes also hide the simplicity of something because it creates "woah, he's so fast" illusion.
    Same with the bucket concept. Now it really wouldn't be that impressive looking if he did it on a regular drumset, but since he did on buckets it makes him look cooler.

    I think on the whole, it was actually relatively medium level. I would equate to the difficulty of the song "Anna Molly" by Incubus, which isn't hard. The most difficult part of the thing was stick tricks, which can be done with some focus on the area. It also takes a bit of stamina going for 16th notes that long, but many drummers are that skilled.

    Not trying to be a negative person or anything. Just reacting to the clickbait "Best Drummer Ever [HD]" title. I've seen like 10 different best drummer ever apparently lol. If I feel I can do it, it isn't the best drummer since I'm definitely not the best drummer 😅

    In any case, DRUM BATTLE 2016 PAUL. LET'S GO.


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  • Hungry children in Africa could have used those buckets as chairs, such a waste.

  • Mirin. I think you need to gain some weight though boyo. Looking pretty frail there. You didn't turn vegan on us did you?

  • Channeling his Steve Gadd there, I love groove drumming so much more than just smashing everything quickly.

  • That's not you at all!!

  • Is that you?
    Or you're kidding?

  • effing awesome


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