Is Selena Gomez a genuine musical super talent?

I went through my whole life being able to honestly hate all pop music, But I get this one stuck in my head every time I hear it somewhere... :/
  • Is Selena Gomez a genuine musical super talent?Yes, She got soul and she's super bad!
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  • Is Selena Gomez a genuine musical super talent?No, She just has devil powers.
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  • I'll admit that at 49 y/o I'm not in their target demographic, but what little I've heard of Selena G., Britney Spears, and some other stars of today, they sound very "over-engineered". Let's hear them sing totally unplugged and find out if they really can sing.
    In an old episode of The Brady Bunch, Greg is hired to be a singing star but when he listens to the playback it's so over-engineered that you can barely tell it's him. Then he finds out they only wanted him because he fit the expensive bejeweled suit the producers had him wear. It seems like some stars only have contracts because of their looks. Selena IS very beautiful and maybe she does sound good unplugged, but I don't think they could hold a candle to the angelic voice of Karen Carpenter or write and perform songs like Carly Simon and Carole King. Just my $ 0.02.

    • Since it's hard not to hear their music, Since it's played in every medium imaginable: Everyone is in their demographic one way or the other.

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  • Her music is really catchy, i'll give her that. still, i think her voice and singing abilities are not that good. But she's successful so who needs talent anyway..


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