What should I draw for art class... send pics... be good because its for school?


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  • If you wanted to be smart about it, you could reuse a very well known painting (Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh for instance) and create it into your own meaning or "reinventing" past history into modern history. Two examples being that I use an everyday object that you see (seashell) and turned it into something else. So I printed out a white and black version of a sea shell, cut it up into 4-6 pieces, placed them randomly around the paper and tried to make something out of it. And with the Vincent Van Gogh - I used Starry Night and turned it into the modern-day world filled with technology (So the big tower on the right was a large mobile phone, the city was musky and the sky had geometric lines to show "seriousness" in the artwork whereas abstract lines would be considered as "playful")
    If you need clarification or extra help just message me! :)


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  • You're the want to be artist, use your imagination... Asking people what to do, and making some bland shit to try and impress someone isn't art. Do your own shit for the fun of it, and it will most likely impact people on it's own.


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