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I like MMORPG games, Anime, Manga, Hentai, fantasy art, and sci fi. I also used to write stories and do artwork. I'm looking for a fun and friendly community to either RP in or just hang out and explore.
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I like a variety of fantasy and sci fi things. Including comics, films, and some adult graphic novels (romance with adult content). I also play MMORPG's like RIFT, Forsaken World, Aura Kingdom, and I used to play World of Warcraft. I used to write, draw and paint though I haven't much in recent years. Despite my having read adult romance graphic novels I don't like to RP that online or off. However I don't mind role playing regular fictional characters of a variety of genre.


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  • Anytime you say a game focuses on "hentai" that means it's a shit environment for women and even worse for girls.

    • No not into games of that nature. But have seen some books at the library of it. Though yes it does include women I've also seen the male version. Which is also quite plentiful at the library. If your referring only to movies I suppose it depends on what you watch. I generally watch things like Gundam Seed, Aion, Fruits Basket, and a variety of others nothing adult rated. Except for Heavy Metal which I haven't seen for a long time. The mini novels I've seen were available at Vancouver Central Branch Library and they do contain explicit content of males or mixed and were more about relationships than raw sexuality. Frankly I generally find most porn boring. Other I find explotive so wouldn't bother with it.

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    • The Vancouver Public library carries even video games and instrument lending. So it has quite a bit of stuff. The only R rated movies I've seen were things you would go to a movie theater for and would be ranked that due to violence, language, a bit of nudity, or suggestive scenes. Though years ago all porn was rated R. Regular movies started using the R rating and so there became new categories of it that cite explicit content beyond what regular movies might have. They do have science and health videos with nudity which isn't porn such as giving birth or discussing anatomy.

      However when it comes to graphic novels they do include the japanese book Sex, and several GBLT adult comics. Which oddly don't always show anatomical detail even if they show positions or nudity. Sometimes the bodies are over the top as in overly androgynous or well endowed bosoms. I don't read the books for that.

    • Some libraries do carry Playboy and Playgirl and similar magazines. Which clearly show full nudity & explicit scenes. Checking the VPL online I did find they have some novels about Playboy & in some locations do carry magazines. There also turned up the funny result of a novel called "Sex Sells! The Media's Journey From Repression to Obsession."

      As I said before though when I do actually read the japanese adult novels. I'm doing it for the story not the artwork. The books I'd like to see artwork for I watch the movies. I don't place the same value on some of the nudity in the other books. I don't read them very often. It's probably been a year since I took one out of the library. But I was raised part of my life in Indonesia & India where nudity sometimes happens & is generally ignored. I also happen to be visually impaired. I have lenses implanted in my eyes, plus I wear glasses to do things with & have reading glasses. I don't have computer glasses so sometimes my font is 18-22pt.

  • Hentai is porn so no

  • 'm new so I haven't formed an opinion yet


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