What do you think of this song, it took me a few years before I could share it?

https://soundcloud.com/synthetic_genisis/technics-n-chill technics is the name of the keyboard i made this song on.
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  • Hmm, well tbh, not a huge fan of it, but I'll explain why. (Note that I may sound harsh as I criticize the song, but it is of my train of thought that criticism makes us better song writers.)

    1.) I feel it is repetitive. The reasoning for this could be a couple reasons. Firstly, it is missing a true lead instrument to shine through as the hero. Modern mainstream songs can often get away with repetition because of vocals. This, however, is very minimalist in it's instrumentation. There's mostly only chords, and the single note tracks only play half notes. The most melodic part is at around :50, but again, it repeats the same pattern over and over again which makes it frankly a little boring for the listener.

    2.) It feels empty. This could be in part from the lack of bass line. I think it needs more complexity in it and variation to fill it up. You may want to experiment with adding some more reverb on the piano, maybe some delay. That will help fill up sound.

    Example-- listen to this at around the 2:00 to 2:30 ... Energy Drink by Virtual Riot
    Note how the melody repeats it's theme. However, it adds variations in it-- fills, if you will. Likewise, it changes up the tone of instruments and adds more instruments.

    Your piece suffers from too much space between notes and too much copy paste themes. It changes stuff on occasion, yes, but then it repeats the same theme over and over.

    3.) This is a minor thing, but it may resemble Get Lucky by Daft Punk (the chorus) a little too much. The tempo is about the same, it has a similar kind of rhythm, the synth is Daft Punk-ish, and the chord progression is the same. That being said, that may be what you are going for, I don't know. It's just something to be aware of. I know I have written songs before and only realize I basically rewrote a different song after I finished it.

    On the whole, I would rate the song, if you condensed to 8 measures or so, as something that would work for an intro to a song. It is too stretched out for a normal song though. I feel like you have the potential to make this better! When I started out in the song writing department, I suffered from repetitiveness too.

    I suggest you listen to various genres that you enjoy and critically analyze the stuff. Ask yourself what you like about the music and determine what makes the song work. Then, incorporate those techniques in your own song writing. That could help you out.

    • I know its nothing amazing im trying to figure out this new sotfware. And by the way im on doing this on moble, im thinking of buying the full verson

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  • I think you did a good job


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  • Its Okay

  • Nice melody, I like electronic music.


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