What if Stone Cold Steve Austin (retired professional wrestler under the WWE) was your boss for the company you work for?

  • I would stay working there for the rest of my life and just drink beer with him in all those work years. :D
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  • I would be happy that he'd make my job easier.
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  • I wouldn't care.
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  • Who is he?
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  • I'd never quit my job if he was my boss!!! I have a thing for bald guys with facial hair. :)


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  • it depends. If he brings his bad persona with him, then no. What I meant by bad persona is that he would be a heel in the workplace, not a babyface. But if he's the kind of guy that is cool like I've seen him in interviews, then sure! If you don't know what a heel or babyface is, then look it up. I don't mind his aggressive demeanor, because I'm that way myself. But if he's stirring up shit and causing trouble, then hell no!!!

  • I wouldn't care.


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