What would you do if a guy went to kick you in the vag and he got sucked up alive?

Have had too many drinks with my friend but her and I thought it was a funny topic as we remember arsehole guys from highschool trying to kick us there and and said be careful you might loose a shoe! ... What if he lost more than just his shoe lol


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  • I would do kegels to make him suffer even more for trying to kick my coochie kingdom. Serves him right!!

    • lol he would basically become your kegel! :P

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    • WHAT THE FUCKITTY HELL! Did I just read some kink scifi porn?

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  • Thanks for Sharing, @Melody96.
    Call on my Biggest Best Giant of a Guy Friend to Beat the Living Daylights out out of him and Then... Take my Bud out for a Beer to Cheer and to Suck down a Few More Before we Snore for the night.
    Cheers, hun... It's funny what we see when we are Stoned and even Stone Sober.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

  • I'd be really pissed that I didn't have a chance to kick him in his pathetic small dick.

  • I don't know be on my marry way I guess


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