Girls, 😌Ladies another dumb question but can you help me out here please?

Use your imagination, Put yourself in this situation.

Imagine you you worked at a restaurant and this particular black guy kept coming in to eat. You must've seen him like 4 or 5 times at least! Then one day he pops up and before he leaves he writes you a small note and gives it to you... The note says...πŸ‘‡πŸ½
Girls, 😌Ladies another dumb question but can you help me out here please?But your not really interested so you never call...😌

Would you say somthing if you saw that guy again the next day? Would you avoid all contact like eye contact and verbal contact? Would you feel bad and maybe say Somthin to the guy? Would you probably have a change of heart and give him your number? Or would you just hope to never see him again?

Im asking because this situation applies to me and... I'm not sure if I should speak again or just keep my distance completely?

(When I say "keep my distance completely" I mean like... Should I just never go to that restaurant again)
  • I would avoid eye contact and verbal contact
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  • I would feel bad & maybe say Somthin to the guy (I have a boyfriend)
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  • 🤔If he looks nice I might change my mind and give him my number
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  • I would just hope I don't have to see or speak to him again😁
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This is unfortunate because I really fuckin like this girl but I don't wanna be in the creeper stalker zone so whenever I go I just don't make eye contact and I stay away from the register unless I'm ordering food, if ANYONE! Of you wonderful ladies has any advice or schemes or grand plans to help me turn this situation around, 😦 I'd be forever greatful! I really like this girl and I don't wanna lose this battle but if I have to give up in order to save face then so be it... Fuck!🙊


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  • If she never called you then that's like your answer right there. You don't want to come across as a stalker or creep, so no more notes or anything. I don't think u have to stop going to the restaurant completely though, unless you feel a little uncomfortable going back. I think you should've spoke to her face to face instead of a note. If I was her that's what I would've preferred or you should've tried light conversations here & there with her first before the note.

    • Gave her the note cuz she always running around @ light speed, she always look like she don't have anytime to converse while she's on the clock

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  • i used to live in 714!!! i would feel bad, and MAYBE hit him up when he came in next. or i would text him after seeing him again just to make things not awkward.

  • I would talk to him and thank him for the sweet gesture, but gently let him down by letting him know that I'm taken (which is true in this instance).

  • If she didn't call you, you should just move on.
    I wouldn't be interested if someone tried to get my number during work hours.

    • Why does it matter weather or not it's during work hours? And what was I suppose to do? Wait till she's off the clock like a real true stalker or Somthin?😀 I don't even know what time her shift starts. She just happens to be there when I show up... I mean I know there's countless beautiful females in the world but a lot of them don't catch my eye like this... It's weird... A lot of girls I see I honestly can't help but think about sex because of the asses and big breezy I see I don't look at this girls body because honestly it's not all that amazing to me. It's her fucking face that's so unique and beautiful to me... I was always taught that good things take time and patience and motivation... Am I really soo wrong for being so interested & persistent in in one particular woman? I'm not the type to change partners like musical chairs... I'd rather get to know someone and be with them, as apose to getting to k ow what's in their pants only

    • If someone is on the clock and needs to be professional, you shouldn't be asking for their number. Im sure she didn't appreciate it.
      She's there to make money, not to get notes from a stranger asking her to call him.

    • Nothing personal but that's a bit of stupidity in my opinion, I'm suppose stop my attraction and miss the opportunity simply because she's act work? I mean you make it seem like I just made a scene in the restaurant, like HEY! STOP EVERYTHING! I LIKE YOU, I handed her the note and walked off with a smile, it took less than 5 seconds. And I didn't interrupt her from doing anything, she was sort of standing there, she works the drive through window at Carl's Jr... Its not like I could've waited until she was off the clock or on break or Somthin cuz I don't know the hours she works & and I'm not about to wait around like a real stalker just find out her hours. I jumped at the first opportunity I saw to get my message across. If I just ignored my feelings and ignored the girl then I would've missed the chance... (Even though she said no she still knows how I feel inside when I look at her.) if everyone ignored their feelings simply cuz work then the world would be soooo much more dull

  • I'd help him because I need to do my job but no hard feelings, right. You should stop going there if you want, but it really isn't that big of a deal.

    • If it's not a big deal why should I stop going?

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    • Aw, so you really like her. I'm not in her brain so I don't know how you would get out of the creeper zone. Do you know anything about her when she's not at work?

    • Nah my dear it's chill, she obviously not interested and that's okay, her loss... Maybe she knows something I don't... Maybe someone threw slander on me and convinced her not to fuck with me.. Either Way it's time to move past her... She don't wanna fuck with me and I'll be honest, I call bitter, angry, upset, confused and hurt... I'm not the sexiest guy but I'm far from ugly. I'm in phenomenal shape, got a six pack... Got a baby face, playful, and romantic and I love to listen when my girl has somethin she wants to share... But your right, we both don't know how her brain works. I might not think I'm ugly but maybe to her im the most hideous guy she's ever laid eyes on. I feel like she feels uncomfortable when she sees me so I wanted to apologize but I don't even look at her these days... My intuition tells me to not look in her direction no matter what. I don't need nobody fouling stalker charges against me or labeling me as s real stalker/creep...

  • Is the guy gay or are you the guy? Just wondering

    • I'm the guy, no I'm not gay, I was just really shy because I didn't wanna wmbarrass myself and I didn't wanna hear the word "no" but seems like all that shits irrelevant now

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    • Yeah I'm prolly just butt hurt and I'm being a bitch about it, I agree but this is what happened when I put my trust in all my friends and even strangers from a website, I get embarrassed and got my feelings hurt and well, I've just decided to mentally say fuck that bitch lol maybe she has a boyfriend or maybe she just wants to be left alone. Either way she could e or should've spoken to me and let me know how she feels inside. Either way the outcome is I lost and it's time to move the fuck on.πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜‚

    • I know how you feel i dont even bother dating or talking to people either

  • First off I think the note was incredibly sweet and not creepy. It was probably the only way you could communicate with her without interrupting her work. There could be a ton of reasons why she didn't call. Maybe she's not single, maybe she's not interested, maybe she just got out of a relationship, maybe she's shy, maybe she just forgot, maybe she's busy, maybe she lost the note, maybe she didn't find you attractive, maybe she's aromantic, maybe she's a lesbian, or some other reason. There are an infinite amount of reasons why she didn't call. I think you should go back to the restaraunt because if you change your schedule because of her it's gonna look like you were only there to stalk her in the first place. If you genuinely go there for the food, then I think you should go back. Besides, you never know, she might say something to you in person while you're there.


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