How can I stop hating Depeche Mode so much?

I hate them more, because I used to listen to them but now I don’t. And the worst thing is that I still have material from them like vinyls and CDs and DVDs. If I don’t sell any single item from them I own, I cannot calm down and tone down my hatred towards them.

So please tell me if you know any people who are looking for a certain Depeche Mode item so I can get in contact with them and sell it.

And no I don’t throw them away because I can make money from their material. I want to have my money back.

Fuck Depeche Mode by the way. I will never listen to their shitty music again.


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  • Not you again! oh my god! get a life!

    • Only if I sell every single Depeche Mode disc. Why don't you buy from me, if you love them so much?

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    • So how would YOU feel, if your home was filled with stuff from a band you hate?

    • i wouldn't give a shit and i certainly wouldn't waste my time and act like a retard by posting it online.

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