Top 5 Movies You Think Get More Hate Than Love?

There So Many Movies 1DragonBall Evolution 2Avatar The Last Airbender 3The Garbage Pail Kids Movie 4 Battlefield Earth 5 Gigli
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  • Are u saying movies that werent as bad as the reviews or movies that were just as bad as the reviews? If it's the latter then:

    1. Spider-Man 3 (Tobey Mguire)
    2. Miss Congeniality 2
    3. The Perfect Guy (2015)
    4. Glitter (2001)
    5. From Justin To Kelly
    6. I am a HUGE Halle Berry fan but I hated Catwoman 😕. It had nothing to do with the controversy surrounding it during its release. I hated it because it just wasn't a good movie.
    7. You Don't Mess With the Zohan. Not sure if it got bad reviews or not but I remember not being able to watch the first 15 minutes of it. 😴


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