Playing music in a cafe during free time? lame, weird, cute?

i'm in medical school, i still have 2 more years. but i've also always liked music and singing and performing. i sing, write songs, and play guitar, i have been doing so since i was about 11. i live near some cafes and coffee shops that have people who play live music. what would you think of a young girl who plays music in a cafe on her free time? lame, cute, cool, weird?
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  • I think it's great! If it's something you enjoy, by all means keep it up! I don't know of anyone who would think it was weird or have a negative opinion about it, and if they did, it would be their problem and not yours.

  • I don't think that's weird or lame at all. If that's what u like to do in ur free time, then do your thing😘

  • I think it's great. Do it. Don't forgo your art for your business.


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