Can you help me set up a virtual machine?

I have a computer on which i am running windows 10.. My goal is to set up a virtual machine that runs completely separate from my real computer... I do not want to be able to be linked through my VM. Can somebody please show me how to set up a VM with a complete operating system?


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  • I get what you mean but why would you want a setup like that? A VM is already separate from the computer in a sense.

    It sounds like you'll want to use hyper V, what I'd do is rent a hyper V server partition and create your VM on it (or something along those lines) basically do it via cloud

    • doesn't the vm use the same IP and network as my regular computer?

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    • can my private info be identified through the the network?

    • not really. . . when you're online the only information known is your IP that's as far as it goes. You can't really get much from IP alone

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  • I use Oracle VM Virtualbox. Easy to set up. More or less sets itself up.

  • try aedansafe. com R. E. A. C. H. is designed for that.


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