Are there any Yu-Gi-Oh TCG players out there?

I ask this because I'm kinda fed up with all the new game mechanics Konami throws in just to sell more cards. Synchro summoning was okay and sped the game up nicely, but XYZ drastically changed the game and made it more 1 dimensional (everything became focussed on big combo's and 1-turn KO's... Traps became largely irrelevant and the player who goes first wins 75% of the time). But now, Pendulum summoning is complete madness to me (in a bad way).

So... I was wondering if we would toss out all the new game mechanics and return to the Synchro (or even pre-Synchro) era, but keep up with new cards and up-to-date banlists; would the game be more balanced and enjoyable?


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  • You're about 13 years late, bruh

  • I am hi