Quitting tv in a house full of tv watchers?

I won't bore you with the reasons for quitting tv long story short it was a negative escape the point is that its really difficult to not watch tv when everyone around me is gathered around it and I've gone for walks picked up habits at the end of the day i still have to come back to a house with a tv on and blaring so I'll hear it even if I go to my room what should i do? has anyone else had this experience? what did you do?


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  • I barely watch tv. I don't have the time.. I can see how annoying that would be when everyone else is watching.

    Seems you are already trying to keep busy.. My only other advice would be to move out on your own if possible. Then you have the peace and quiet to do your own hobbies, TV-less


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  • I just dont watch TV. If other people want to waste their time, whatever, I'll be on GaG actually doing something with my life. 😬

  • Get a good pair of noise canceling headphones, go into another room, put on some soothing music and read a book.


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