So what do you think of this interpretation of Twilight?

The Story of Twilight understood perfectly by a madman.

-_- Edward!!
-_- Edward!!
I sparkle, please.. you must wear sunglasses to protect your eyeballs.
-_- I know.. I would if I could stop loving you for five seconds.
I have such a giant forehead!!
-_- I dont know what I want anymore, maybe im a gay fish?
Bella!. I love you so much!
-_- Careful, I almost had an expression.
Im sorry!
-_- Not your fault, Its your giant forehead that is blocking your brain patterns.
True, you are always so honest with me when you are lying <3

-_- who are you?
Bill?, you are in the wrong universe.
-_- Shat up!.. or.. or.. I have to get serious.. *thunder roars the sky, lightning flashes.. and before you know it*... -_o

Kill it with fire!!!
-_o Edward it's me!
I must stop myself.. I almost.. Had sex with that pine cone.. its too hot.
-_- edward...
Bella!, there you are!, I been worried!.
  • Not enough gay fish
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  • I think Edwards head got swollen from reading this awful crap
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  • I think the guy who wrote this need to re-evaluate his life
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  • I just wanted to browse GaG without reading something weird for 5 seconds
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  • About 43 Empty cauldrons of OMG where is my broom?
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  • I just wanted to vote something simple like.. meh
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  • And last but not least.. It was funny. (We all know it wasent).. (( reverse psychiatry )) .. (((Just kidding... maybe)))
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  • I don't get it...

  • And last but not least.. It was funny


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