How to be a good actor and how to do good in your audtion for Disney?

Disney is holding auditions in my city to star in movies. So I applied and I got the audition. The audtion is next Saturday. We didn't get a script but what can I do to get ready? How can I get it? I didn't take acting classes but I did take drama class in high school for 3 years. How can I practice when I don't even have the script? And how can I get the role? Please help I really really really want this badly.


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  • Yeah you'd be right about auditions next Saturday. Best way to prepare is to study past films they have done. If it's for animations study their most recent ones as well as their other films (live action).
    Good luck. ;)

    • Okay and well they didn't tell me what type of movie it's for lol

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    • Yeah they won't tell you until you get the part... sucks right? XD

    • Yeah hahaha and they also didn't give me the script for the audtion :0

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