Fanfiction, which name should I choose for my character?

I'm writing a fanfiction and I have this I idea for character, but I can settle on a name and I'm stuck between these two.

It's a Young Justice (kind of like a younger version of Justice League) fanfiction
The character is a teenage girl.
She's the daugther of the supervilian Wotan
And she has a twin brother named Wolfe

I hope you'll help :)

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  • Wolfe is an English name so why don't you look for girls name of English origin that start with w?

    Just think for a minute. What kind of mom look at her kid and is like "imma name you WHISPER/WISDOM" like how high on pain medication would she have to be at that point?

  • They both sound like pretty ridiculous, Mary Sue-ish names. Something more realistic would be better.

    • And a Mary Sue is?

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    • Remember just because you know a term doesn't mean everyone else does

    • Sure but everyone can use google.

  • With either one of those names, she sounds like a Mary-Sue. I wouldn't want either one.