Girls, Kpop Fan or Ariana Grande' fan?

If your an ariana Grande fan just become a kpop fan simple. In my opinion I like kpop more so its your choice. if you had a choice would you still be a pop fan or A Korean pop fan. I was just wondering :/ I am a huge kpop fan. I like kpop boy bands like Exo Big Bang TVXQ and that's all I guess. I am a huge fan of kpop girl bands and boy bands. My favourite Kpop girl bands are Exid 4Minute Sistar.


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  • I'm a kpop fan.
    In fact I'm listening to day6 right now while writing this answer.
    My fav groups are IKON and Winner but i like all kpop songs from all groups. Popular or unpopular, i like it if they have a good song.
    I don't really follow girl groups so i don't have fav girl groups but i really like SNSD and Twice songs.


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  • I do like K-Pop but depends on the artists

  • I am neither though I like maybe 2 Ariana songs I don't consider myself a fan. I love Melanie Martinez though. 😊

  • But do you like kpop?

    • yes I do. how about you?

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    • I think Ariana is pretty talented. Her guest hosting job on SNL really showed her range and abilities. She's also very pretty but I don't own any of her music.
      I was first turned on to her when she sang a Whitney Houston song for the President. Had never heard of her prior. I'll try to listen to Exo.

    • Your Welcome :)

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