Is drama club good?

So today I joined drama club out of impulse.
I am totally an outcast.
We did an ice breaker and like everyone already has some sort of experience. Im a sophomore and holy kwa 90β„… joining are freshman or lgbt (not that Im homophobic , I just don't fit)
When we did the ice breaker and I said I joined because I was interested and I don't know much (lies only about a penny worth interested I really want to go to university lol)

Everybody is so loud and extraverted but me😢
Im so soft and blank faced quiet.
Should I just fake it till I make it?
I didn't want to join the step team, I originally wanted to be on the dance but I guess ill wait for a tech after school class.
Why not gain acting skills m8
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  • I would give it a shot for a while unless there is some other club you really want to join - As others have said drama club might bring you out of yourself - Everyone feels a bit out of place on their first day - Some go quiet like you and others go LOUD and EXTROVERTED to cover up their insecurities - With people like that within a week or so, they will have dialled back a couple of levels and that is what their true personalities are - Okay most important thing clubs are about enjoying yourself, I would give it a month and see how happy/unhappy you felt there after that.


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  • I joined drama to get up my confidence and five years later Im still doing it.

    Drama isn't all about acting. there's onstage work (acting etc) and backstage work (lighting, sound, set design, directing etc)

    If acting isn't your thing, ask your teacher/instructor about any technical work you can do.

    I've never been an actor, Im monotone, i have little control over facial expressions and I cannot express emotion onstage. Its possible, just very difficult.
    So i deal in backstage work.

    I volunteer at a local theatre group as a lighting and sound technician, which is fun as. You make lasting friendships with the actors and director and all those lovely theatre people and its a pretty good thing to have on your resume. I have one of the directors I've worked under as one of my references.

    I have never really fit in anywhere, im a bit loopy and i tend to stick around the outskirts of groups.
    You can't do that in drama or when involved in a production, to do a good job you are forced to communicate with other people and be in the action so you always know whats going on.
    I have so many more people skills now than i did five years ago, and that has part to do with the fact its been five years. I was bound to learn SOMETHING in that time, but most of the credit goes towards my involvement in theatre.

    Keep in mind though, any production done with school kids? A fuck load more stressful than any other show you will EVER be involved in.

    Good luck to you!!

  • It's good that you joined it even though you are not interested
    Don't know what's your purpose but enjoy it πŸ‘

  • I think you should do it! I also took it in high school because I kinda had to and I ended up liking it

    • Oh man you better be right

    • My drama teacher was cool and fun, tbh the only thing we did in that class was play games lol, one thing I recommend to make the class more fun is trying to get 1 friend in that class and it'll be more fun that way

  • It'll be worth it, first couple of days are always awkward but watch you steal the show 😜

  • Do it gal

  • Go for it.

  • id say yesss


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