Actual TV or projector?


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  • First we need to know budget and room conditions. Don't forget that the brighter a room is, the more lums the projector needs to produce a bright and clear image. Also don't forget that some projectors require the replacement of a projector lamp every couple years that can be quite costly depending on model of projector. Also a projector requires a projector screen for best image quality.

    • As of right now I was thinking of using the big empty wall in my living room no budget

    • As long as the wall is white, than their should be no need for a screen just a projector. Since their is no budget, I'd go with a high lume led projector since they don't require the replacement of a projector lamp and are usually more cost efficient/effective than a TV at large screen sizes. Also when purchasing a projector, make sure to pay attention to native resolution, cause I've seen HD projectors with a really low native resolution which will result in really bad image quality, and they down scale the incoming HD signal. Also when purchasing a projector, keep speakers/sound system in mind, as most projectors usually have one speaker and produce poor quality sound.

  • Depends on your setup at home, but I personally prefer a regular tv

    • I have to buy a new tv but I have right now just an empty wall

    • What's a good size?

    • it depends on your distance to the tv and what you mainly watch (SD, HD, 4k)

      if you go really big, then a beamer would be the better choice. a good beamer is expensive too though and the lighting should be good.

      and it depends of course too on what you wanna spend.

  • Bulbs burn out on a projector and are extremely expensive to replace
    Get the tv


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