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  • Is this what people today call music?

  • This dude still raps? Lol

    • Ya Baby Bash hasn't retired yet he's actually featuring other young hispanic rappers to come up in the rap game couse the media is racist so hispanic rappers have to make a name for them selves

    • Sucks the medias like that. Some of my favorite growing up were Hispanic.
      Fat joe, Lloyd banks, Jim jones.

  • bitches, bling, money, drugs and ego mania. How original.

    • So who cares people enjoy it, you to closed minded, people like you are never satisfied always have something negative to say

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    • I don't even gang bang stereotypical ass wipe just couse im mexican you think that lol

    • you're the one posting gun emojis. what else am I supposed to think?

      And I didn't know you were mexican. I though you were light skin black.

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