Who Is The Best "Stranger Things" Character?

Stranger Things is all the rage right now and I totally loved it. I would have to say my favourite character is Dustin, then Barb and Steve. (Don't ask, I know he's a jerk.)


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  • Here's a little rant:

    I love Hopper, Mike, Steve and Eleven. They are my favourites. Hopper because he's funny and I guess he reminds me of my dad. He is also a very good friend of Joyce and just an example of how two adults can just be friends without anything sexual in their relationships.

    Mike because he's super sweet and supportive. Like how he said El was really pretty without her wig.

    El because she's a badass.

    Steve because he's a great mother and he totally deserved better. He literally went to Nancy's house with flowers to apologise and he did NOTHING wrong.


    I don't like Mad Max in season 2.
    She was a pointless character. And I really didn't like her because she totally disrupted the friend group and she definitely looks like she doesn't belong. Throughout the entire season, her and her damn skateboard kept rolling into every scene where she added practically zero substance to the plot except for throwing a wrench into Dustin and Lucas' friendship.

  • Definitely El!

  • omg I can't choose !!! I would say Eleven aka El. She's such a badass!

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