Your worst gaming mistakes that worked out?

What is everyone's biggest gaming mistake or oversight while gaming that ended up working in your favor? It's always pretty funny or satisfying finding thinking you've screwed up only to have things work out well.

Just the other night, I was playing the opening mission of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided when I had to disable an enemy helicopter while protecting a particular agent. A sandstorm is raging the whole time, so I can't see and I'm just knocking people out left and right. Turns out, I knocked out the guy I'm supposed to be protecting... In the end, it worked out because he couldn't fire at the enemy and therefore wasn't shot at, so stayed alive. He'll have a raging headache in the morning, though...


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  • I am not a lucky person, so I can't think of a time that I screwed something up and it didn't cause some form of catastrophe. For example, opening doors to an airlock and having all of my crew go flying out of it, or entering a failed reentry that causes my character to explode, or even getting killed twice on the same life.

    • That stinks lol. I'm not sure how even getting killed twice in one life would work...

    • In Super Mario Galaxy 2, I was smashed by a Thwomp, then sucked into a black hole. I've never been able to repeat this feat.

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  • lol fighting games, Im already losing and I plan how Im going to attack and end it.
    I press something and something else comes out instantly knocking out the opponent. Its happened sooo many times.

  • the room android puzzle game
    i didn't move a piece from the stone in on of the levels that worked fine with the other puzzles

  • Working out everytime you make a mistake in a game :)


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