If I decide to post my novelette on a forum will it be considered previously published and unable to send to a publisher? What should I do?

Ok so its a first world problem lol. I am a member of a forum that is not a writing forum but there is a small section dedicated to fiction writers of that specific genre. There is a user on there that enjoys my stories so I wanted to write a story since I discontinued it,. and I wanted to write a full story for any user on that forum.

As I began to write the outline and the story I began to realize that I really like the story, but I read that stories posted online are considered previously published by legal definition. On accident I stumbled upon a publisher that publishes novelettes and novellas. I mean it was a total accident.

So now I am stuck because I really like this novelette but I wanted to share it with the forum and I am thinking of turning it into a novel after I edit it because I really like the characters.
I'm torn, should I try to make money out of this novellete? I mean I like writing stories for my forum. I actually wrote a novel a month ago that I plan on publishing, but should I try to publish this novelette too?


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  • I think it's only considered previously published if it appeared in a book, or magazine or newspaper etc, but if it's completely made up with no source behind it I don't think it's considered previously published.

    • Some one on another question site told me its considered published if its online which makes no sense to me because its a small forum its not like everyone in the world is going to read it if I post it online, I do not get these publishing rules

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    • Thank you. Oh, how's the story coming?

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