What is a hype song for a gaming video?

I need a song for an upcoming gaming video I'm going to make. Preferably something electronic/trance but energetic. Maybe a rock song too or metal. Something high intensity and energetic and dynamic. Any ideas?

I was kinda thinking this one. It'd make a nice feel good video. I don't know though. It's almost not quite enough energy.
I want the video to have a similar effect as this one in its first half... the songs in the second half kinda ruin the vibe for me lol. This is not my gameplay but i love the effect of melodic, heavy music. The rap gives the video a sick flow too with the editing.



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  • Try something different. Experimental can be best or maybe house/trance could work. You have too many people doing electronic and trance. Work on something that speaks to the audience, that conveys the images and is considered marketable.

    • Ah yeah, I like experimental stuff. It is going to be a gameplay montage of a bunch of my highlights and clips I've gotten online. It needs to be somewhat dynamic so I can sync the video to the music in parts.

    • hint: every EDM artist thinks they're experimental

    • @Asker I see. Then 'dynamic' may not be word your looking for. You need something like you said, highlights the clips that you got online. The video that you uplinked is something I hear all the time with production, and that is not attractive to me. You need something more solid that speaks about you as a composer, producer or audio engineer.

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  • You don't ever want to use trance music for anything that you want people to pay attention to. It's boring as hell.

    My suggestion is this:

  • Look at DJ Snake songs.


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