Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?

My personal favorite is Obi Wan Kenobi. I always admired his devotion to the Jedi Order and to help others in need. Even after all the pain he goes through from seeing his master, Qui Gon Jinn and his true love Duchess Satine get struck down right in front of him, he never loses his way. Even when his life crumbled around him in Order 66, he chose to take a stand against the Sith with Yoda despite the odds against them, and managed to duel and defeat pre-suit Darth Vader, who once was his best friend in an attempt to save the galaxy, despite how much it hurt him to do so. And finally, he willingly gave his life so Luke would escape, knowing Luke would never leave without him if he was alive. Plus, Obi Wan was a badass with a light saber.
  • Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?Yoda
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  • Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?Obi Wan Kenobi
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  • Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?Luke Skywalker
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  • Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?Anakin Skywalker
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  • Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?Mace Windu
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  • Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?Ashoka Tano
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  • Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?Other (Please say below)
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  • Yoda is sometimes portrayed in the films as a retarded creature because of his profoundly stressed emotional reactions and lack of logical thought. When this is not the case, he is really cool.

  • Yoda hands down, my second favorite is Jinn, 3rd obi, tied for 4th mmaceand the green twileke, forgot his name

  • My favorite character in starwars is luke
    Runner up for fav jedi would prob be revan from kotor

  • I think Yoda


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