Neill Strauss: The Game. They making a movie about it. That book saved so many men's lives. Anybody read it?

It's absolutely fascinating and people should read it or see it.

More than anything, it shows how determined a man can be, to be that which makes him worthy of a girl. So many discussions can come from it.


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  • Read it myself when I was 18 had some good stuff was very real. But I also felt like it ruined some lives to bc I looked at the reviews and say guys whining how it doesn't work and I'm saying that in polite terms

    • It wasn't a pick up manual though. There were some things in it where he gave some pick up advice but he exposed the pick up industry in the book. And just because it didn't work for some, doesn't mean it destroyed lives. It's not like asking a girl out for once destroyed anybody 😂

    • That's why I'm saying there were some extreme cases o. o

  • I predict this movie will be a disaster.

    I also predict that pua will never go away. It's a product of the Internet. The specific advice may change over time as culture changes, but basically there's no way to say 'oh I hope this whole sex and dating advice based on what actually works goes away'

    • I don't think the movie will be a disaster. The book is funny and Strauss is an amazing writer.

      But Pua isn't a net thing. Maybe now. But not when Strauss did it. he found the guys online but it was all real life. And Pua will never go away like prostitution will never go away because there are guys, good genuine guys, who struggle to claim and dictate their love life.

      To shun the Pua movement is akin to taking away all the dating advice out there (including gag). So I don't see what the problem is.

    • I don't mean it's acted out online. I mean the knowledge share is online. Before the net men didn't have access to the information.

  • Sounds awful, you ruined it for me.

    • Dude. Put the Pua aside and read that book. It's like something out of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. This guy just wanted to be better with women... and boom... the shit that happened after was incredible (and no it's not a cheesy fucking "feel good" book. It's funny as hell and eye opening)

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